Zach Stone Introduces New Single “Four Letter Word”

We are pleased to announce the upcoming release of Zach’s new single, “Four Letter Word” (Jetpack Artist Ventures); the track will be available via all retail digital and streaming outlets (iTunes/Amazon/Spotify) on Friday, March 9, 2018.

Co-written with Will Stone (no relation), the lyrically-driven tune reflects on the heartbreak of unreciprocated love that hangs on every four-letter word.

"I wanted to focus most on four-letter words that you don't like to hear when you're in a relationship (like ‘wait,’ ‘stop,’ ‘hurt,’ ‘don't’ and ‘stay’)," said singer/songwriter Zach Stone. "I brought it to Will, and we locked down the pieces to make a fluent, meaningful and emotional storyline. The lyrics speak for themselves; my favorite line is 'there's nothing left between I and U except ‘Don’t’ and ‘Need’," added Stone.

It’s different since you left
There’s more hurt
In little words I guess
When it comes to love
Four letters is enough
(From the Zach Stone song, “Four Letter Word”)

Stone will release the corresponding music video (produced by Randy Allan/Vibe Entertainment) in the coming weeks. Reminiscent of the children’s “Sticks and Stones” nursery rhyme, the video concept spotlights an elementary spin on the classic heartbreak song -- the “hold” of a childhood crush fast-forwards to the here-and-now where the future is halted at a hopeful reunion.

Delivering contemporary music that appeals to those with a taste for the traditional, as well as a generation that is drawn to the more flavorful, Zach Stone possesses a magnetic talent that captivates on stage, in studio recordings and in front of the camera. The March 9 release date of “Four Letter Word” and the music video keeps the momentum of the traction Stone enjoyed with the 2017 music video "Take You Back" and his most recent film clip ("Like I Need You") which is currently gaining traction with his fans and country music enthusiasts across the globe.

Jeff McMahon